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Such TV Paksat 1R 38.0° East TV channels frequency

SUCH TV is a TV station situated in Pakistan. SUCH TV is Pakistan’s News and Current Affairs TV channel with a point of bringing fair and verifiable data. It is on the Centrist/Left of Center political situations with Pro-Nationalist standpoint and supports the current PM Khan government in general.

SUCH TV had begun broadcasting on 23 March 2010 Such TV will show broadcast to people in general, keeping in view its standards and behaviors of electronic media

Channel Name

Frequency Polarity Symbol Rate
Such TV 4096 V 3231
SUCH TV logo
Country Pakistan
Headquarters Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan
Language(s) Urdu
Launched 23 March 2010
PakSat 1R 4096MHZ
PTCL Smart TV (Pakistan) 021
NayaTel (Pakistan) 013
Streaming media
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